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Jun 24,2017 -     Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Wheeling 102 will be held on June 24th starting at 8 am at SMORR. We will be holding a class for the participants prior to being paired up with a guide. Lunch will be provided and is included in the admission fee for the event. When you sign up for the event, we will need you to specify if you are a driver, passenger or a guide. If you want to be a guide and have not already discussed it with Brittney Middleby, then you can contact her at 417-350-4133, and see if it will work. Event Pricing: Driver- $45. Includes admission fee to the park, a T-shirt, Lunch, and a Guide for the day. Passenger- $15. Includes admission fee and Lunch. Guide- $27. Includes admission fee, Lunch and a T-shirt. Extra shirts are available for anyone to purchase if they pre-register for $12 each. (Passengers will have to add this on if they want one.) If driver has a passenger, they will need to have a rig with a backseat and the passenger(s) are expected to ride in the back seat. They guide will be in the front passenger seat at all times unless spotting or driving the vehicle for the driver. You may attend with out pre-registering, however you will not be included in the lunch provided, get a shirt or be guaranteed a guide. On the day of the event........ When checking in, you will check in with Birttney Middleby at the Gatehouse. Each driver and passenger will need to sign two waivers. One for the club and one for SMORR. They each will receive a wristband with the color showing their Driver/passenger status. Spouses and will be allowed to change driver/passenger rolls as long as they are both in the vehicle at all times.  


5722 State HWY K
Seymour, Missouri

Registration is closed for this event.
For more information or questions, please email: