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Title: Stubby Front Bumper
Post by: DCT1964 on 07/25/14 - 10:34PM
I just finished up this project based on info from another thread, it took me about 5 hours to cut, grind, trim and fit the pieces together then I coated it with a flexible bed liner coating.




The end pieces are the factory ends, I just cut them down to fit inside the hollow part of the plastic bumper and bolted them in place. It's a cheap build, I have $14.00 in doing this project, $11.00 of it was for the Dupli-Color Bed Armor and the rest was for the screws to bolt it together.

I cut the bumper 2.25 inches from the edge of the bumper bulge then ground it down to a clean strait edge then I cut the ends that were cut off down to about 5 inches in length and trimmed them on a belt sander until they fit inside the main part of the plastic shell. My bumper was pretty faded so I chose to spray it with the bed liner to finish it off.

The tools I used were:

Sawzall (Borrowed from neighbor) Thanks Al
Angle grinder
Belt sander
80 and 180 grit sand paper

Title: Re: Stubby Front Bumper
Post by: Martinez on 07/26/14 - 05:46PM
Looks awesome!

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Title: Re: Stubby Front Bumper
Post by: mrfast on 07/28/14 - 12:51PM
It does look good! Nice work

Title: Re: Stubby Front Bumper
Post by: Thanenut on 01/ 9/18 - 11:39PM
It's pretty cool and cool. I would like to do this, it would be nice to see.