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Membership renewals are in April of each year.

  • Individual Membership - $30.00
  • Family Membership - $35.00

I hereby release the Ozarks JeepThing Club, Inc. and any other party or parties involved in any Ozarks JeepThing Club, Inc. activity of any liability whatsoever for any loss or damage to property or personal injuries sustained or occurring on any Ozarks JeepThing Club, Inc. event.

Furthermore, by checking below, I certify that I am 18 years of age; my vehicle is street legal and properly insured according to the laws of the state of my residence.

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NOTE: Dues are subject to the current schedule and are payable April 1 of every year. Any member who is in arrears for thirty days or who is indebted to the club treasurer for a period of thirty days following the incurrence of such debt shall be no longer in good standing and subject to expulsion from membership.


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Ozarks JeepThing is a chapter club of the National JeepThing Club. We are a Not for Profit Organization designed to coordinate and support off-road events, to foster pride and friendship within the Jeep community, to preserve proper use of public lands, to actively participate in related programs such as Tread Lightly, and to offer volunteering efforts to other non-profit, charitable, and public/government organizations. This chapter was started to better serve the Branson/Springfield and surrounding areas. Memberships are open to any family or individual that owns a Jeep brand vehicle.